100% renewable campaign holds second day of action

The Vanderbilt Hustler The day before, VSG passes a bill supporting the movementVanderbilt students petitioning to transition Vanderbilt to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2050 held a second day of action on Thursday, March 14. Volunteers asked students to sign the petition at busy locations on campus.
The 100% renewable campaign aims to transition Vanderbilt University to 100 percent clean, renewable energy by 2050 and to transition all electricity to renewable sources by 2030. The campaign held its first day of action on Jan.31 and collected 2000 signatures.
This second day of action was preceded by a social media day of action on Wednesday, March 13, when students posted on Instagram, Facebook and in GroupMe to raise awareness about the campaign among their peers. Junior Keegan Campanelli, President of Students Promoting Environmental Awareness and Responsibility, and senior Nathan Iyer lead the 100% renewable campaign.
Since the first day of action, the petition has received several hundred more signatures, and 31 campus organizations officially supported the campaign. Due to the success of the first day of action, Campanelli and Iyer were able to meet with Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Facilities Officer Mike Perez.
“He definitely felt very positive about what we’re doing, and essentially told us that this is something that is in the hands of Chancellor Zeppos and Vice Chancellor [for Administration] Kopstain right now, and the more student support we get, the better,”  Campanelli said.
After this meeting, the campaign set a goal of 5000 signatures on the petition. To reach this goal, they added day of action petition locations at Kissam Center, Grins Vegetarian Cafe and E. Bronson Ingram College.
The campaign is also reaching out to graduate student organizations focused on global health, environmentalism and sustainability for support in reaching their goal of 5000 signatures.
Iyer stressed the importance of demonstrating student support to Vanderbilt administration.
“They are going to respond pretty significantly if we get that clear student support,” Iyer …

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