2017 Provost’s Award Winners to Be Keynote Speakers at Symposium


The trio of professors honored with the 2017 Provost’s Awards for Excellence and the professor who received with the George P. Hart Award will be the keynote speakers at the Provost’s Awards Symposium and George P. Hart Presentation.
The event is set for March 8 from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Bronco Student Center’s Ursa Major.
“Cal Poly Pomona is proud of the quality faculty that continue to enhance our programs and mission of cultivating success through a diverse culture of experiential learning, discovery, and innovation. The award recipients use creative approaches to engage students in their disciplines,” said Provost Sylvia Alva. “We appreciate and acknowledge their hard work and dedication at this special event. I look forward to seeing you there to support this year’s recipients.”
Provost’s Awards for Excellence
Industrial & Manufacturing Engineer Professor and Chair Kamran Abedini earned the Excellence in Teaching award. Abedini touts more than 34 years of teaching experience. He devised “Puzzles Principles,” a pedagogical approach to teaching that uses cognitive and active-learning methods melded with his own experiences.
David Speak, professor of political science, received the Excellence in Service award. Speak has a long and distinguished record of service, with his work stretching from Cal Poly Pomona to nearby cities to Central America.
The winner of the Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activities award, Music Professor Nadia Shpachenko-Gottesman elevates Cal Poly Pomona’s prominence in the arts through her outstanding national and international contributions in music performance.
George P. Hart Award
The 2017 recipient of the George P. Hart Award is Faye L. Wachs, professor of psychology and sociology in the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. Wachs has served Cal Poly Pomona for 15 years, but her teaching, scholarship, service and leadership extend far beyond the boundaries of this campus.
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