6 Certifications To Add To Your Resume to Give It A Boost

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When it comes to building your resume, it’s always in your best interest to include as much relevant information as possible. Essentially, you are looking to make yourself appear as a top-notch applicant, and by far one of the best ways to do that is to include certifications on your resume.
But with that being said, it’s easy to get lost in a sea of certifications, as there are so many out there that are available to you. So where do you begin?
To help get you started, here are six certifications to add to your resume to give it a boost.
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1. HR Certifications
Just because the position you are applying to isn’t an HR opening doesn’t mean that an HR certification isn’t useful.
In fact, HR certifications are some of the highest regarded in the business world. Human resources is a department on its own, but the knowledge is universal, meaning every industry (for the most part) shares the same, common standards in terms of their business practices.
For that reason, having a strong background/knowledge in HR as well as those endorsements on your resume is without a doubt in your best interest and will likely set you apart from the competition.
2. Project Management Certifications
Again, regardless of the position you are applying to, project management certifications are so important to include on your resume.
Any department head wants to bring on somebody that is capable of taking on a management position, either down the road or immediately, and having a project management certification on your resume demonstrates your readiness to do this, even if your job experience doesn’t quite yet.
Project management is another item that spans across industry and position, so no matter what you are applying to, it’s going to be relevant.
3. Software Certifications

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