7 Life Lessons You Learn In College

College Life

Every year, you walk into your local office supply store and are met with deals and discounts on every school supply you could imagine. Fifty percent off flash drives! Buy one notebook, get one free! Need a scientific calculator? You’re in luck—they’re on sale, too!
This yearly routine never fails to get the gears turning in your head. You’ve thought about hitting the books and embarking on your own college career. But even with all the bargains in the world, there’s no denying that college is a significant investment in both time and money. Before you commit to going back to school, you want to be sure college will be worth the effort.
Earning your degree can certainly pay off by providing you with the credentials you need to advance your career, but college isn’t all about book smarts. The college experience can also offer you plenty of invaluable life lessons you’ll leverage for years to come.
7 life skills you’ll learn as a college student
The things you learn in college go far beyond what you’ll find in a textbook. We asked these college grads to weigh-in on the life lessons you’ll learn while earning your degree.
1. You’ll become disciplined
“The biggest lesson college taught me is that I’m fully responsible for everything that happens to me and my success is almost entirely dependent on myself,” says Benjamin Houy, creator of French Together. Houy adds that students of online programs need to be especially self-motivated since you won’t have in-person interactions to keep you on track.
No one at your college is going to force you go to class or make sure you turn in your assignments on time. That’s all up to you—and that means being seriously disciplined. That discipline won’t go to waste …

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