8 Signs You’re Wired to Major in Technology

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Choosing a major isn’t always easy. There are so many choices found throughout higher education that are tied to entire industries and fields you may only know a tiny bit about. So how are you supposed to make a sound decision about your career path before you get a feel for your options?
One simple approach is to try and narrow things down based on your interests and dig in from there. You’ll want to check out potential job outcomes, the type of work you’d be doing after graduation and the long-term outlook of the area you’re focused on. But before you can dive into that, you’ll need to determine if a broad focus area like technology is a good fit for you.
“As a computer engineer, I can share that the best way to make this decision is to analyze your personality,” says Christian Rennella, CTO and cofounder of oMelhorTrato.
You may be enamored with the idea of working in a technology role, but it’s crucial to think about how your interests and personality fit into the equation.
8 Signs pursuing a technology major could be in your future
Whether you’re considering information technology, software development or even mechanical engineering, a “Technology major” can cover a lot of ground. But there are still several overarching traits and characteristics that tend to lend themselves well to this broad field—and we’ve asked tech pros to help identify them.
1.     You get bored when things don’t change
It’s not like you need constant stimulation—but you aren’t a big fan of routines that stay the same year after year. In fact, it’s not about stimulation at all, it’s just that you know things can be done better, more efficiently or more thoroughly when their processes are continually questioned and updated.

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