A little girl’s hugs turn a bright day even brighter for UWM police

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Rosalyn Baldwin was heartbroken when she heard about five police officers being killed in Dallas in July 2016. A few days later, three other officers were killed in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, closer to where she lived.
She wanted to help, but what could a 7-year-old offer?
Rosalyn, now 8 years old, has visited 29 states in the last two years offering hugs to scores of police officers. This week was Milwaukee’s turn. Four University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Police Department officers and Chief Joseph LeMire joined Milwaukee Police Department officers Wednesday when Rosalyn visited to share a few of her enthusiastic, little-girl hugs.
“I needed a hug today,” UWM Officer Nadina Campos said with a smile.
“It’s nice, it’s really nice,” added Sgt. Bryan LaChapelle. “Sometimes it’s important to get a good hug.”
Rosalyn Baldwin gave hugs on Wednesday to UWM Police Sgt. Heather Maus (front) and Sgt. Bryan LaChapelle (from left), Chief Joseph LeMire, Officer Nadina Campos and Officer Noel Ybarra. (UWM Photo/Elora Hennessey)When Rosalyn’s project first started, her mom thought her daughter would be satisfied with giving hugs at the local police station at St. Tammany Parish near their home. But Rosalyn wanted to continue bringing her hugs to police officers everywhere.
So, since early 2017, she’s been on the road with her mother, Angie, during summer and school vacations spreading a message of love, appreciation and hugs. Her father, Eric, is a pastor, and she has one younger brother.
She even has a Facebook page, Instagram page and a website, all filled with pictures of her with smiling police officers.
Angie Baldwin contacted LeMire after she met a retired Milwaukee police officer in Denver who suggested police officers in Milwaukee could use a few of Rosalyn’s hugs. LeMire coordinated with the Milwaukee Police Department to organize an informal gathering outside the Milwaukee Police …

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