A new poll shows Trump is three points ahead of Clinton in Texas

North Texas Daily Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, is trailing republican candidate Donald Trump by three percent in recent polls.
A poll from the Houston Chronicle shows that Trump has 41 percent of the vote to Clinton’s 38.
Texas, a state that is a generally Republican, has so far shown that Clinton has a higher chance of winning the states’ vote than Trump.
The last time a Democratic presidential candidate won the state of Texas in an election was in 1976 when Jimmy Carter was elected.
In a poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and the Washington Post, a sample of residents across 15 states was taken. The survey asked “if the 2016 election were being held today among the following candidates for whom would you vote?” 46 percent said they would vote for Clinton, 48 percent for Trump, and five percent were undecided.
In another poll conducted by SurveyMonkey and the Washington Post, they asked which candidates they would vote for on election day, between Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. 42 percent voted for Clinton, 44 voted for Trump, eight percent voted for Johnson, two percent voted for Stein, and 3 percent had no opinion.
According to fivethirtyeight.com, Clinton’s chances of an upset in Texas is 17 percent. In another of their polls, the electoral college has Clinton winning the entire election by 87.2 percent, and Trump with 12.8 percent of the vote. The popular vote went to Clinton with 49.7 percent and Trump with 42.8 percent, with Johnson getting 6 percent of the vote and 1.5 percent voting for Other.

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