Ajon Efferson and Kaitlyn Parks on positive attitudes and teamwork


Communication studies major Ajon Efferson, who plays guard for the CSUSB men’s basketball team, said playing sports and being a student has taught him balance and forced him to take on responsibility and accountability. He said as a member of a team and in the classroom, people are counting on him and if you can excel at both, you gain greater respect with your teammates and your peers.Efferson said one the things that has helped him at CSUSB is the faculty, who have been very warm and supportive. Coach Jeff Oliver said Efferson’s positive energy is something you can’t teach. He’s always very supportive of his teammates. 
View this video interview at “CSUSB Coyote Student Athlete Spotlight – Ajon Efferson.”
Kaitlyn Parks plays center for the CSUSB women’s basketball team. She loves the sense of teamwork on the court and in the classroom. Parks, who wants to be a published writer, said a sense of community can be found not only with her teammates who are very supportive of each other, but with the faculty who are very positive and eager to help students.
Parks said she loves the atmosphere on campus of people coming together to find solutions to problems or setting goals to accomplish. That sense of community is how she defines her future.
View her video interview at “CSUSB Coyote Student Athlete Spotlight – Kaitlyn Parks.”

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