Alpha Tau Omega raffle benefits Hospice of Huntington

NEWS – The Parthenon

As Valentine’s Day approaches, Alpha Tau Omega members share the love, as they continue their fifth annual Valentine’s Day Raffle to benefit the Hospice of Huntington next week in the Memorial Student Center.“I think Hospice is a great service, and I am so happy we can do something for them,” said Michael Levenson, an Alpha Tau Omega member who was working the event last Wednesday. 
Hospice of Huntington is a service which “takes care of people who are in their final times of life and makes sure they have a decent transition,”Levenson said.
John Gleason, an alumnus of the fraternity and the individual who began the annual event, said he wanted to help the Hospice of Huntington by raffling off a teddy bear and prizes each Valentine’s Day to donate to the service, because “the care and kindness they provide is amazing.”
Gleason said his mother has been involved with Hospice of Huntington for many years, which further inspired him to create the event.
Levenson said he hopes his fraternity can provide some help during a difficult time in some people’s lives.
“It’s tough to lose a loved one, but, hopefully, my fraternity can provide some help with medical expenses and other costs during a difficult time,” Levenson said.
Although Levenson said he has not had any family members receive Hospice treatment, some of his family friends’ relatives have been provided the service.
“They’ve talked about how hard it was losing their family members, but Hospice made it easier,” Levenson said.
Levenson said he thinks what his fraternity is doing is “fun and great for the community” and “Who doesn’t want a huge teddy bear?”
In addition to the teddy bear, Cameron Sherwood, an Alpha Tau Omega member who has helped organize the event in the past, said the fraternity is …

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