Aquaman Wrapup

The Cornell Daily Sun

There was a certain chase sequence around the narrative midpoint of Aquaman in which our two heroes were fleeing a fleet of enemy ships when I realized what it was my brain was trying to tell me for the previous half hour: Aquaman was like Thor: Ragnarok, but wet… and worse. And while I’m not sure they drew the same comparison, I’ve teamed up with fellow Arts writers Zachary Lee and Jeremy Markus to discuss the DCEU’s most recent installment in our usual Q&A fashion. — Nick Smith1. Why should you watch this movie?Nick: If you, like me, are still planning to stick with the DCEU after giving it another (Batman v Superman), another (Suicide Squad), and another (Justice League) “last chance,” you’ve gotta see Aquaman to keep up. Rest assured though, brave moviegoer, it’s as “good” as if not better than just about all of its predecessors.Zach: Aquaman is concerned above all else with just being fun; yes, it has an uplifting (and surprisingly timely) message about caring for the environment and, on a personal note, it is great to see an Asian director steer the ship of a big-budget superhero film, but it just tries to give audiences a good time at the movies. You have to fish hard for reasons to not enjoy yourself at this film.Jeremy: Uh, well, it looked pretty. Also, there’s a giant f***ing crab that’s pretty dope.2. Why should you not watch …

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