ASBSU works to promote voter participation on campus

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This election year, the Associated Students of Boise State University are working hard to mobilize Boise State students to be a part of changing low voter turnouts among the younger demographic through National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday,  Sept. 27.
“Everyone here is a part of a bigger community, including the entity that is Boise State,” said Tommy Lippman, the secretary of external affairs for ASBSU. “We want to advocate for students to be as politically involved as possible, and feel their voice matters.”
This event will take place in the quad and the Student Union Building from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The School of Public Service donated $500 for this project, according to Lippman.
Josh Scholer, ASBSU’s student lobbyist, is hoping this event will make students realize how easy it is to register and vote.
“The maximum amount of time that it would take for you to register and vote is roughly a quarter of a Netflix episode,” Scholer said. “You can even do it while you’re watching Netflix.”
Scholer has also put a focus on encouraging out-of-state students to register and vote. He is going to propose a new idea to ASBSU in which boxes would be placed around campus the week before Election Day.
“Students would get their absentee ballot (sent from out-of-state) and put it into the box. Someone then gathers those and sends them out for the students, making it easier for people,” Scholer said .
However, there have been some issues in the past with out-of-state students registering to vote in Idaho, according to Scholer.
“There is another snag that if someone from out-of-state registers in Idaho, they can lose their scholarship,” Scholer said. “Technically you become some sort of resident of Idaho, and that scholarship is for out-of-state students.”
This concern will most likely result in a lack of participation from out-of-state students …

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