Biology Professor Selected for Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel


Nov. 16, 2018

Russell Cothren, University Relations
Ruben Michael Ceballos

Ruben Michael Ceballos, an assistant professor of biology in the Department of Biological Sciences, is one of 28 participants from universities and colleges across the U.S. selected for the Jewish National Fund’s 2018 Winter Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel.

Participants will take part in the trip Dec. 26 through Jan. 8, traveling throughout Israel, meeting Israeli professors from their respective disciplines and with the same, or similar, research interests, all with the goal of developing collaborations, research projects, co-authoring articles, and establishing exchange programs between faculty and students. The tour, which more than 250 have already taken part in, is a fully paid intensive program to Israel for full-time U.S.-based academics from a recognized university/learning institution.

Participants will meet Israelis from all walks of life and hear from a variety of speakers. They will also be exposed to contemporary Israeli society, culture, historical sites, the people and the way of life in Israel. 

Additionally, the academics meet with professionals and experts involved in government, industry, education, media, and other sectors to understand the many facets of Israel’s evolving national and international policies. Those who take part will gain a deeper awareness of Israel as a “start-up nation,” its success in water innovation, and how the country addresses regional and global challenges.

To learn more about the universities and professors taking part in the 2018 Winter Faculty Fellowship Program in Israel visit

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