Black power is not the same as white supremacy

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Some may view the black-and-proud movement as supremacist, but historically the only racial empowerment camp with a history of demeaning the existence of others includes those who fly white-pride banners.
To put the black power movement and associated organizations, like the Black Panther Party, on the same level as the infamous ideals of white supremacy is insane. To reach a better understanding, people first need to know the difference in the two ideas’ origins.
White supremacy budded its ugly head when the trans-Atlantic slave trade started. A contributing factor to the crux of the ideals of white superiority came in a time where black slaves and white indentured servants fought for their rights.
Although the rebellion did not last, so continued the perpetuation of an instituted system of racial classification. While white indentured servants were eventually freed and given land, black slaves and their subsequent offspring remained in bondage—creating a subordinate class, far below the lowest class of white people. And so the rise of white supremacy began.
As for the black pride movement, it all started once African American people were able to create and dwell in their own communities. They were able to make platforms in those communities to give the people a voice.
For example, Huey Newton and Bobby Seale established The Black Panther Party in Oakland, California. The founders used the relatively aggressive and militant ideals of the late Malcolm X by pushing their agenda forth for social, economic and political equality among all genders and minorities.
Unlike the Black Power movement, white supremacy quickly molded and shaped itself into a very popular, terroristic group we know today as the Ku Klux Klan.
An infamous terroristic supremacist group, the KKK incorporates devout Christian ideals with the belief that the white race is supreme. Where the KKK preached and acted on superiority, the Black Power movement …

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