Blue Blood Drive A Success in Moscow, Idaho

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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day is a national holiday that has been observed since 2015. On January 9, the American Red Cross Association put on a blood drive in honor of this day. At the drive in Moscow, Idaho, a representative of the American Red Cross was almost in tears when she saw the number of donors that attended the blood drive. She said that this was one of the most successful drives that they’ve had in years by collecting over 10 pints of blood in the first hour. In a small town like Moscow, Idaho, this is not very common. She was also moved that many college students were able to donate as well.
The majority of donors were first-time donors, and because of this, many of them were turned away. Since it was their first time, they weren’t aware of some of the restrictions that are in place. Recognizing this, volunteers offered ways to show support on this day. For example, you can wear blue or shine a blue light on your porch.
Shortly after Law Enforcement Appreciation Day was recognized, the American Red Cross association created the “Blue Blood Drive” which is a blood drive that’s put on annually to give blood to officers who are in need. According to the American Red Cross website: “The continuing effort to address the national need for blood is vitally important and we are glad to help. Give blood and help save a life.”
At the Moscow blood drive, many officers were volunteering by prepping donors for giving blood and handing out cookies. Donor Ashley Fildman expressed her admiration for those officers who volunteered. She also expressed her admiration for the officers for “continuing to give back to the community by helping others in any way that they can.”
This event was a success and law enforcement …

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