Boston Latino International Film Festival comes to Brandeis

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Boston Latino International Film Festival comes to BrandeisPhoto/courtesyA scene from the filming of “La Familia.”Associate professor of Latin American literature and culture Jerónimo Arellano has been an admirer of the Boston Latino International Film Festival for years. Every September, he and his colleagues in Latin American and Latino studies attend the festival’s screenings, often at other college campuses, and marvel at the quality and relevance of the films.“I kept thinking it would be great to have Brandeis be a part of this,” Arellano says.He has finally brought that notion to fruition. When he became chair of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program last year, he saw his chance to establish a partnership between the festival and the university. Brandeis will be an official host of the 2018 festival September 28 and 29, presenting screenings and talks with filmmakers in the Wasserman Cinematheque, Sachar International Center.The culture of filmmaking in Latin America is based around many hubs of activity within cities throughout South America, Central America and the Caribbean. There are large national film industries in Mexico, Brazil, Cuba and Argentina, along with small yet active centers in places like Chile and the Dominican Republic, which results in a diversity of styles and perspectives.There is also a long tradition of formally innovative, politically militant film, Arellano says, that in a way sets the stage for young filmmakers, and encourages them to discover their own ways of telling a cinematic story rather than borrowing from other traditions and industries.“I think some people might not be aware of the quality of filmmaking coming out of Latin America. It is a vibrant filmmaking culture,” he says. “Experiencing these fresh new films will be a real treat.”Now in its 16th year, the festival features a variety of feature-length and short films, documentaries and fiction alike, along with discussions …

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