Building connections on Idaho Falls campus

News – The Bengal
Kaitlyn Hart
Life Editor
Rumors have been flying around the ISU-Idaho Falls campus over the past few weeks about the possibility of a new overpass being built to connect the north side of campus with the Idaho National Laboratory-University Partnership building, the Center for Advanced Energy Studies (CAES).
Faculty and students around campus were scrambling for answers to find out whether this was true or not.
Adrienne Petrovic, a student at ISU in Idaho Falls, said that she had not heard of any solid plans, but that she thought it wasn’t a great idea.
“I think money could be better spent on things like updates around campus,” she said. “The computer lab needs updating, and the SUB building really needs to be updated.”
The distance between the two sections of campus that the overpass would cover is a 1.2-mile, 5-minute drive.
Some members of the staff and faculty worry that the overpass will discourage people on campus from taking a walk from building to building to increase exercise.
“We should be encouraging walking culture rather than a driving culture,” said Catherine Black, a biology lecturer at ISU-Idaho Falls. “Driving around the periphery is normal for college campuses around the country, including in Pocatello. A central pedestrian quad for the Idaho Falls campus should be preserved as a welcoming natural space.”
Lyle Castle, dean of academic programs at the ISU-Idaho Falls campus, stated that both Idaho State University and Idaho National Laboratory have been planning to build an overpass to connect University Boulevard. and Science Center Drive.
Plans to complete this are in the works, but nothing had been approved as of December 28.
According to Castle, there would also be a bicycle and pedestrian lane on one side of the road and a foot traffic pathway underneath the overpass to connect the greenbelt.
Another possible reason for the construction of …

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