Building for the Next Generation

SDSU College of Sciences

The Campaign for SDSU has accelerated SDSU’s research trajectory.

This story appears in the spring 2017 issue of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State University. Before The Campaign for SDSU launched in 2007, research activity at San Diego State University was already strong. “It’s important that people understand the campaign was building upon an already solid foundation,” said Stanley Maloy, dean of the College of Sciences. “We were strong at research then, but the campaign has allowed us to grow stronger.”Fall 2017 Cover of 360: The Magazine of San Diego State UniversityOver the past 10 years, The Campaign for SDSU has grown that seed of expertise into several robust, nationally recognized research platforms. Endowed chair positions and internal funding have allowed faculty to broaden the scope and the impact of their research programs. Scholarships and stipends have allowed more students to participate in hands-on research experiences that help them succeed in graduate school and later in their careers. New state-of-the-art buildings are literally laying the groundwork for the next generation of scientists and engineers intent on solving society’s most pressing problems.The net effect is that SDSU’s strength in research is now much more widely known and appreciated, making the university a desirable destination for superstar faculty and graduate students and setting it up for continued success.“The quality of a research university is a function of the quality of its faculty and of its students,” said Stephen Welter, SDSU’s vice president for research and dean of graduate affairs. “The philanthropic investments made throughout the campaign have set a platform that can attract the best and brightest faculty and grad students.”In total, some $15 million has been raised for research endowments, including endowed chair positions, scholarships and funds—all dedicated to supporting and growing the university’s research infrastructure.Heart startThe first sign that the campaign would energize and raise …

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