Business Student Discovers Passion Through Internship

CSUSM NewsCenter

Hagen is outgoing, quick with a smile and ready to befriend anyone he meets. Though he found himself in the Dean of Students Office to address some of the issues he let slide, he turned it into a positive. He is still a frequent visitor to the office, but instead of being there for disciplinary issues, he’s there to say hello, grab a snack and chat with the staff about his classes.“Hagen had a few ‘speed bumps’ during his first year, but he was able to learn from those temporary barriers to set himself and others up for success,” said Leslie Rockwell, Associate Director of Student Conduct for the Dean of Students Office.“Hagen has an unparalleled sense of positivity that I’m sure has a ripple effect on the campus and San Diego communities he participates in. In his short time as a college student, Hagen is consistently looking for new opportunities to get involved and challenge himself. I see Hagen not only as a student here at CSUSM, but a student of life; always seeking to develop and grow and, most importantly, reflect on his progression.”Attending the internship fair was part of that progression. Hagen received an interview with SOLE Effects co-founder Karen Ogden on the spot and had an offer before he left for his next class.SOLE Effects recruits college students – most are from CSUSM and Palomar College – for its Switch program to work as mentors for students in grades 7-9. People interested in being mentors can apply through SOLE Effects’ website.Hagen immediately connected with SOLE Effects’ mission. He recalls working with one ninth-grader who was always engaged and didn’t seem to have a single problem. It was only when the school’s principal asked Hagen how the student was doing that he learned about the student’s difficult home life – …

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