Careers in Computer Science: 5 Facts on this Flourishing Field You Can No Longer Ignore

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Between your worries about paying bills and supporting your family, a go-nowhere career is the last thing you need. Instead of fretting over your job and what the future may hold, it may be better to spend some time researching additional career fields and areas you could branch out into.
If you are interested in technology, then you’ve likely given some thought to pursuing a degree in this field—and Computer Science remains one of the hottest potential focus areas. As you dig into this field and the careers associated with it, it’s only natural to have questions or concerns. After all, you want to know that committing to a degree in Computer Science will be the right choice for you.
So what makes a Computer Science degree worth pursuing? You may have heard that computer science-related careers are in-demand, but we have the facts to prove it. In this article, we’ll examine the industry and highlight a few facts that will help you decide whether this degree should be in your future plans.
The facts about computer science careers
Before you commit to a career in computer science, familiarize yourself with some of the facts about the field.
1. Computer science careers are expected to grow substantially in the upcoming years
While others may have to worry about their job security, those in computer science-related careers can rest relatively easy. As the world becomes increasingly digitized, companies from every industry need the proper technical infrastructure and software applications to support their businesses.
To help illustrate this, we used real-time job analysis software to look at all of the job postings requiring a Computer Science degree. In the past year, there were just over 800,000 job postings looking for candidates with this degree.1
Tech jobs aren’t simply growing—they’re skyrocketing. This cluster of careers is projected to …

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