Center for Teaching and Learning Hosts Annual Course Design Institutes


2.0 participants
The Center for Teaching and Learning hosted its annual Course Design Institutes May 14-18. A total of 52 faculty participated, 32 from the 1.0 cohort and 20 from 2.0, representing every college on campus. The departments of Computer Science; Social Work; Management; World Languages; Curriculum, Instruction and Foundational Studies; and Gaming, Interactive Media and Mobile Technology were among those present.
Participants in 1.0 spent five days focusing on the role of course design in the overall act of teaching. Participants focused on crafting a plan for significant learning in their courses, supported by effective assessments and course activities. Participants in 2.0 spent three half-days using the information they had previously learned in 1.0 to delve even further into course design. Participants from both institutes completed substantial work towards designing or revising their courses during the week.
1.0 participants

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