Chief Sustainability Officer

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Meghna Tare, The University of Texas at Arlington’s executive director of the Institute for Sustainability and Global Impact, has been appointed Chief Sustainability Officer, or CSO, of the University.

Meghna Tare

In her new role, Tare will lead the University’s efforts to develop energy-efficiency programs with a focus on recycling and waste reduction, water conservation, education and outreach, transportation, green purchasing, curriculum development, community garden, composting and green teams. She will also be responsible for establishing a regional center to increase collaboration among groups across North Texas, the first of its kind for the region, as well as being the first in the nation to bring higher education, governmental units and municipalities, as well as private corporations together to collaborate on sustainable initiatives to improve communities.
The role was created to emphasize UTA’s commitment to sustainability across all facets of the University’s operations and to increase the institution’s engagement with the corporate and non-profit sectors as related to partnerships, as well as to enhance our engagement with, and impact on, communities in the DFW metroplex.
“As an urban serving institution and the leading public research university in the metroplex, it is important that we place sustainability at the forefront of our operations and enhance the region through knowledge and best practices engaging in partnerships for greater impact,” said UTA President Vistasp Karbhari. “Sustainability will continue to be one of the major challenges we face and is an integral part of the promise we make to responsibly manage our shared resources and enrich quality of life for the society at large, in both direct and indirect ways. Mrs. Tare is a nationally recognized authority and leader, serving on numerous high profile boards and committees, and her leadership positions us to be a national model of excellence,   furthering UTA’s strategic role in making impactful contributions throughout …

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