Childcare center to open for UW faculty and students – RSS Results in news,news/* of type article A new childcare center for UW faculty and student parents will be opening in early January on the Seattle campus. This will be the first new childcare facility to open on the campus in 17 years, adding to the four current locations that serve 267 children at present.The new childcare facility is located in the old transportation department office, by the Portage Bay parking garage on 15th Avenue Northeast. The expansion of these facilities is part of the child care access initiative, the goal of which is to double the childcare capacity on campus within the next five to eight years while also providing more family-friendly options.
The new location will provide childcare exclusively to those affiliated with the university and will be accepting up to 140 children aged from 3 months to kindergarten.Childcare at the UW is primarily contracted through Haggard Childcare Resources, managed by executive director Suzanne Haggard. Three of the programs, located at West Campus, Portage Bay, and Radford Court, utilize Maria Montessori’s curriculum.“That means that the environment acts as a third teacher,” Haggard said. “We spend a fair amount of time supporting [the children’s] growth and independence and self-discipline. We teach them a lot of self-care skills, how to make choices, how to put things away, how to maybe organize their time.”UW parents looking for childcare will likely find this new facility appealing for its close proximity and more hands-on approach. In addition it has a child-adult ratio of 3-1, as opposed to the state mandated 4-1 ratio.Amy Hawkins, the director of Worklife and Childcare Development at the UW, oversaw the development of the new facility.“There’s all sorts of things that play into why a parent chooses the childcare program that they do and everyone has different, you know, priorities for that,” Hawkins said. “We look to provide quality programs. We …

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