Classics Major Wins Prestigious Beinecke Scholarship, Finalist for Other Awards

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November 17, 2017 — Georgetown senior Annee Lyons (C’18), recipient of the 2017 Beinecke Scholarship, is also being considered for other prestigious awards.
The Beinecke Scholarship is given annually to a select number of students across the country planning to enroll in a humanities-focused graduate program and who require financial assistance.
Lyons is one of only 20 students from across the nation to win the scholarship.
A classics major, she is now applying to schools to do graduate work in the field as she waits to hear about the coveted Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships as a finalist.
Choosing a Path
From an early age, Lyons, from the small town of Mount Airy, Maryland, loved learning about the classics.
“When I was 13, I learned about the burning of the library of Alexandria, and I was heartbroken for the first time,” she explained. “I was thinking, ‘How is that possible? How could we have lost so much? What can we learn from what’s left over?’ I knew from there, that’s what I wanted to study.”
Georgetown might have seemed a logical choice for Lyons, a high academic achiever who valued the liberal arts. But it wasn’t that simple.
Raised by a single mother on a farm in Mount Airy, Lyons was nervous about attending school alongside students from more privileged backgrounds.
She wanted to forge her own path, but she also wanted to stay relatively close to her family – her mother and grandparents in Mount Airy and her older sisters, who were attending The George Washington University. So she went ahead and applied to Georgetown.
Acceptance to Georgetown
When she opened her Georgetown acceptance letter and found her financial aid offer, she knew her life was about to change.
Lyons had received the Peter F. Karches Memorial Scholarship, which includes full tuition, room, board, and a stipend to cover general living expenses. For a 17 …

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