College of Business Economics holds second annual Internship Forum, panelists share past experiences with students

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Wednesday evening, West Virginia University’s College of Business and Economics held its second annual Internship Forum. Students learned about the importance of internship experience from current students, alumni and employers in a variety of industries.
The forum and panel stressed the importance of obtaining internship experience as a college student.
“If you have an internship, the richness of your resume goes up dramatically…it’s one of the highest returns on an investment you’ll ever make,” said William Hutchison, executive in residence for the College of Business and Economics.
Panel members included: graduate student Amanda Hillman, senior accounting student Evan Hurst, Target store team leader Alex Proctor, beverage supervisor at the Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh, Erich Wolf and director of lodging for the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort, Kory Young .
During the hour-long forum, the panelists answered a variety of questions pertaining to why internship experience is important, how it leads to full time jobs and how they foster self discovery.
“I learned that it is important to not only have just one internship, but many internships because…it helps you find what you don’t want to be doing and what you do want to be doing,” said Lauren Martin, a sophomore marketing and hospitality tourism student.
“I know as a former employer when I had applicants that had internships, they were usually one of my first picks for a full time position,” said Daynelle Sanner, program coordinator for the Center for Career Development.
To employers, internship experience demonstrates leadership ability.
“A college degree shows you’re trainable, an internship shows you’re proactive,” Proctor said.
The general consensus from the forum was if you get an internship offer—take it. Relevant to your major or not, the experience you gain from an internship is beneficial because participation in internships shows growth and professional development.

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