College Republicans Demand that Nair Retract 9/11 Comparison or Resign

News – The Emory Wheel

The student group Emory College Republicans called for Senior Vice President and Dean of Campus Life Ajay Nair to either resign or retract and apologize for his comments comparing the reaction at Emory after Republican Donald J. Trump won the presidential election to the campus climate at the University of Virginia after 9/11. The statement, posted on the organization’s Facebook page Wednesday night, prompted some students to make posts criticizing Nair on his Facebook wall and a slew of other students and organizations to defend the dean and his words.
Courtesy of Emory Photo/VideoThe College Republicans’ post linked to a Nov. 30 Wheel article that quoted Nair saying, “It was that state of shock — ‘how could this happen in our country?’ — that loss of innocence that we are maybe more vulnerable to racism and to xenophobia than we thought we actually were. … Americans were sort of targeted on 9/11, and not all Americans felt targeted after the election, but certain members of our community felt uncertain about their future.”
College Republicans Event Manager and College sophomore Niko Vidger, who drafted the Facebook post, said he garnered strong support in the organization’s executive board group chat for the College Republicans to issue a statement. After executive board members reviewed the post, College Republicans President and College senior Jake Maddineni gave final approval for the statement, Maddineni said.
“Our dean should not be demeaning the tragedies of the thousands of lives lost and affected by the attacks on 9/11,” the Facebook statement read.
Although Vidger claimed “unanimous support” from the College Republicans to make the post, the organization’s vice president, College senior Christian Zimm, said he had voiced concerns about the potential statement.
“I wasn’t actually against the posting something about it … I was against how we posted,” Zimm said. “What they wanted to say, in my opinion, was taking something [ …

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