Cornucopia: Public sculpture framed by Upham Hall embodies balance

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Cornucopia has been “living” on site since May; visit soon before it moves after fall break

By Susan Meikle, university news and communications,

Artist Greg Loring photographs Cornucopia after its installation (photo by Leno Davis).
The public sculpture “Cornucopia, Utopia, Dystopia,” situated on the east side of Upham Hall near Bishop Woods, has been living and growing on site since its installation in May.
Unlike other public art on campus, Cornucopia has evolved during its time at Miami. The sculpture features native plants that have grown and spread – and attracted wildlife – throughout the summer and early fall.
It will be on site through the end of fall break (Oct. 9-11) when it will be reinstalled at its permanent location at the Edge of the Farm Conservation Area.
Artists Greg Loring, a master’s of fine arts student in sculpture, and Ancilleno “Leno” Davis, a doctoral candidate in biology, created Cornucopia to embody balance: nature versus paved progress.   
“‘Cornucopia, Utopia, Dystopia’ speaks to the bounty we reap based on our choices,” Davis said. “Do we seek more natural areas or more paved areas? Do we want to see a balance?”
Visit the sculpture in the next two weeks and share your thoughts on the MUCornucopia Facebook page. 
Rooted in sustainability

Most plants were supplied by the Conservatory at MUH and the Boyd greenhouse (photo by Leno Davis).
Davis and Loring designed “Cornucopia” in response to the Future Voices Sustainability Art Contest held last February.  
The charge of Future Voices was to speak to the Miami University class of 2115 about the way our choices here in 2015 impact them in the future. 
The contest was funded by Miami’s first-place prize from the 2014 Kill the Cup University Challenge — Waste Reduction division.   
Miami students, faculty and staff helped reduce disposable single use cup waste on campus by 5.5 percent during the inaugural …

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