CSUCI launches competition in California College and University Ballot Bowl with Civic Engagement Week

CSU Chanel Islands News

Oct. 11, 2018 — CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) Student Government is leading the charge to encourage students to register, vote and become an active participant in their community.“I think it’s fantastic,” said Political Science Lecturer Tim Allison, J.D., who has been advising the Student Government on their project. “This generation is recognizing that their voices and their votes are crucial to making changes in our country.”CSUCI’s Student Government is competing in the California College and University Ballot Bowl, a friendly competition set up by the California Students Vote Project, backed by California Secretary of State Alex Padilla in partner­ship with the California Lieutenant Governor and a coalition of nonprofit organizations.All California community colleges, universities and private systems are invited to compete to become the campus with the highest percentage of the student body registered to vote.CSUCI throws it hat into the ring with a four-day campus extravaganza called Civic Engagement Week, which begins Monday, Oct. 15 through Thursday, Oct. 18. CSUCI’s Center for Community Engagement, as well as Student Leadership programs are partnering with Student Government to host the event, which is aimed at getting students to vote and to get involved.“If young people want things to change in this country, they have to step up and be their own advocate,” Allison said. “If they don’t vote, they are resigned to letting others make decisions for them. Recent elections have shown that races all over the country have been incredibly close. Small groups of people can clearly make a difference as to who gets elected at all levels of government.”Booths with information on how students can get involved in their communities and how they can register to vote will be set up at strategic locations around campus on Monday and Wednesday. Tuesday is the Constitution Day Carnival, which will last from 11 a.m. …

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