CSUCI’s international profile rises with Peace Corps recognition and Model UN awards

CSU Chanel Islands News

May 15, 2018 — After graduating from CSU Channel Islands (CSUCI) in 2017 with a degree in Psychology, Karina Casarez is now with the Peace Corps, living in the Bago region of Myanmar in a small town called Paungde.“Sometimes it’s still incredible for me to believe I’m here when I remember sitting in your classroom and hearing about Peace Corps,” Casarez told Professor of Global Studies Andrea Grove, Ph.D. “I was also able to travel to some pretty amazing places around the country, such as one of the most famous pagodas, Shwedagon Pagoda.” Casarez is among 11 CSUCI students who have qualified for the Peace Corps since CSUCI was founded, a number that recently earned CSUCI recognition from the Peace Corps as one of the top volunteer-producing minority-serving institutions.“This is really phenomenal because they are getting applications from Ivy League Schools and they are choosing our students for this honor,” Grove said.Many of the students who succeed in the extremely competitive qualifying process first got a taste for international affairs through CSUCI’s Model United Nations (UN) program, which is in its 10th year at the campus.“Students in the Model UN program have an interest in not only understanding the world better, but trying to resolve the problems of the world,” said Political Science Lecturer Christopher Scholl who worked with the Peace Corps in Dominica. “The Model UN gives them a taste of doing that. In some regards, the Peace Corps is the next logical step.”The Model UN is a series of three conferences a year in which teams from middle schools, high schools and universities from all over the country come together and emulate what actually goes on in an actual United Nations conference.Teams of delegates are assigned to represent a specific country and advocate for that country until a resolution is reached.“Chris and I try …

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