Despite a Failing Heart, Tampa/Brandon Human Resources Student Graduates

News Beat

In the Spring of 2016, David Mendelson-Curry’s life had never been better. After years of working with a financial company, he was finally going to school to pursue a degree in a field he was passionate about—an Associate’s degree in Human Resources. “In studying HR and organizational training and development, I gained the ability to effect change in people and the way they do business. I am able to teach leaders how to believe in their own people,” he says. The field fed his desire to help others and make a difference in their lives. Due to a corporate partnership between Rasmussen College and his employer, Mendelson-Curry found Rasmussen College to be the best option for him. Mendelson-Curry was enjoying his time at the Tampa/Brandon campus and had been working hard to make it on the dean’s list quarter after quarter. “Being on the dean’s list acknowledged I was doing a great job and really pushed me forward and motivated me,” he says. Wanting to celebrate his success, he and his husband, along with their friends, wanted to visit one of their favorite places on earth—Disney World. Little did he know, going to Disney World would potentially save his life.

As the group walked around the park, a place that normally energized Mendelson-Curry, he felt sluggish and thought he might be getting the flu. Instead of getting better as time progressed, he only seemed to get worse. After days, he could not stop coughing and knew something was off. What he thought must have been pneumonia quickly escalated into something even more serious and prompted him to go to the hospital.
Suddenly everything in his life seemed to come to a halt. “As soon as a cardiologist walked into my hospital room, I knew something was wrong. It was heart failure. My heart was …

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