Elango, Green on institutionalizing transparency, working towards free tuition, and eradicating food insecurity

The MIT Tech

Candidates for UA president and vice president discuss their platform

By Jessica Shi and Soomin Chun

Apr. 12, 2019

This year’s Undergraduate Association elections are underway. The Tech sat down to talk with candidates Mahi Elango ’20 and Kelvin Green II ’21, who are running for UA president and vice president, respectively, to discuss their platform. 
Voting will open April 15 and close April 19. 
The Tech: Why are you running?
Elango: Now is truly the time for student voices to be elevated and to be unified. I believe that based on our collective experience and our vision for MIT from the very first day that we came here — empowering each and every student to voice their opinions and to know that they are being heard — can only be best achieved through the Undergraduate Association. I am running for president because I want to lead the UA and MIT in that direction.
I also see this big dream. This place is full of magic, and craziness. It is such a unique place, and there is so much potential for students to further change what MIT is and will be known for.
Green: Mahi reached out to me to run alongside her as the vice presidential candidate, and the reason I chose to run was that we had a shared vision for the future of MIT and for the welfare of the undergraduate student population. As a team, I believe that we can serve MIT in a unique way by prioritizing first the voices of our community.
The Tech: A year from now — in what tangible ways do you want MIT to be different?
Elango: In so many ways. There’s an endless list of tangible things this community can do to better itself. I think our platform really reflects where we prioritize those changes.
Green: We like to think of our platform as a vision. We …

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