End it Day takes a stand on human trafficking

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Marshall University students take turns standing outside the Memorial Student Center and sport red “Xs” on their hands in an effort to bring awareness to slavery and human trafficking on Thursday. The representatives spent a total of 27 hours to represent the 27 million currently enslaved. (Lexi Browning)

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Various religious clubs on Marshall University’s campus got involved in the End it Movement Thursday morning.
Students will stand in shifts on the Student Center Plaza for 27 hours straight, beginning 8 a.m. Thursday. The hours are meant to represent every million people enslaved around the world.
Sophomore nursing major Drew Mullins helped to organize the event on campus. Mullins said this day is important for raising awareness.
“End it Day is the day established for awareness to be given to the 27 million people who are still trapped in slavery, whether that be sex trafficking or work without pay, anything like that,” Mullins said. “That day has kind of been given as the primary use for raising awareness of this issue.”
Students from BCM, YoungLife, CRU, UKirk and UMS all volunteered to sit in shifts to answer questions from students.
Mullins said he was inspired to organize this event at Marshall after attending a conference and hearing stories about people who were saved by the organizations partnered with the End It Movement.
“I’ve known about the End It Movement for a long time just through church stuff,” Mullins said. “This past year I went to Passion 2016 conference, where there are well-known gospel speakers and one of the speakers told a story about a girl who was rescued from sex slave trade. Just that story really moved me and just that whole weekend working up to raising awareness to the world.”
Sophomore statistics and creative writing double major David Hannan said this movement is important to him because of …

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