Equine enthusiasm gallops to new heights

www.jackcentral.org – RSS Results in sports* of type article Carly Murray grabbed her saddle from the barn and tacked up Lionel, a 16.2 hand Warmblood she was rehabbing from a previous jumping accident. She met her trainer in the arena and started practicing jumps with Lionel.A gentle breeze kissed her face as Lionel increased momentum and mastered each jump. Murray felt powerful, confident and free. Lionel was hesitant about jumping again and Murray was proud of him. Things were going well, so Murray’s trainer put the jumps up higher. Lionel cleared the jump awkwardly and bucked Murray off on the landing. She slammed to the dirt, breaking her back and ankle on impact. The doctor instructed Murray not to ride for at least two months, but she was riding again after two weeks.“I just love it too much,” Murray said.
Murray is a senior who will graduate this semester with a major in psychology. After graduation, her goal is to move back to California to be a horse trainer. Murray is president of the Equestrian Club and has been a member since her freshman year.“Riding horses has always been my favorite thing and being president of the club is one of the best experiences I’ve had because it’s taught me so much about horses,” Murray said.Murray rode English style as a child and is now a competitive jumper. The type of saddle used is one big difference between English and Western riding. In English, the saddle is smaller and designed for jumping.The western saddle is larger and offers more physical support for the rider. It has a horn to hold on to and use for roping. Murray is also familiar with western riding and dressage, a category of showmanship she calls “horse dancing.” In dressage, the rider focuses on perfecting the horse’s obedience and graceful strides.Involvement in the club has …

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