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Logan Ramsey
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Local: The saints have released a documentary on Taysom Hill
Ever since Pocatello native Taysom Hill was drafted onto the New Orleans Saints, he’s been touted as a “Swiss Army Knife” because of his versatile play and because of that the Saints digital media team has put together a documentary on his upbringing in Pocatello. Hill has helped the Saints achieve the NFL’s best record (13-2) heading into the playoffs. The documentary was released on Thursday and is called ‘Hometown Hero: Taysom Hill.’ It’s available on the Saints Youtube channel.
Regional: Robert Crosland has been found not guilty of animal cruelty in Franklin County Court
Robert Crosland, the Preston science teacher who made international headlines for feeding a sick puppy to his classroom snapping turtle has been found not guilty of animal cruelty. The trial took place in Franklin County and the Idaho Statesman reported that the courtroom was packed with friends, family, and students who came to support Crosland. The deliberation period lasted for thirty minutes and Crosland spoke publicly on the March incident for the first time. “I would just like to thank all of the support that I’ve received,” he said. “I’d like to thank this community for staying behind me. It’s really what got me through all of this.”
Statewide: Idaho has a new law that will require first-time DUI offenders to install an ignition lock on their car
Until now, Idaho only required offenders with more than one DUI conviction to install ignition lock devices, but thanks to a new law, after one conviction people will be required to install the device. An ignition lock works by having the driver blow into the mechanism, which will unlock if the driver is sober. …

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