Focused Ultrasound: A New Approach to Treating Cancer and Non-Healing Chronic Wounds

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Five years ago, Dr. Ashish Ranjan established a focused ultrasound program at Oklahoma
State University’s Center for Veterinary Health Sciences.

“Building on my prior work with high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU technology
at the National Institutes of Health, my laboratory initiated several funded research
projects in cancer bearing rodent models to understand the feasibility of translating
this approach to treat veterinary cancer patients,” explained Ranjan, BVSc, PhD, Kerr
Foundation Endowed Chair and associate professor in the Department of Physiological
Sciences. “Specifically, the projects aimed to tailor the HIFU sound energy for enhancing
localized tumor killing, enhancing chemotherapy delivery, and optimizing the immune
system for robust therapeutic outcomes. In addition, we worked on devising new methodologies
for improving sensitivity of drug resistant pathogens to antimicrobials. Based on
the promising data in rodents, the laboratory was recently funded by the Focused Ultrasound
Foundation to conduct clinical trials in dogs with cancer and non-healing wound infections.
That’s how we got started.”

Oklahoma State University is the first veterinary school to offer focused ultrasound
treatment as a service in addition to surgery and chemotherapy.

“The HIFU service is currently available to owners for locoregional treatment of cancerous
tumors, infected soft-tissue, and bone infections. Patients entering the clinical
trial must meet the inclusion criteria of an active infection or the presence of a
locally accessible tumor. The FDA is currently reviewing our application to include
in the HIFU regimen nanoparticle immune adjuvants, which we developed in the lab.
This will be especially beneficial for patients with aggressive cancer that has spread
to other parts of the body from its primary site,” continued Ranjan. “While we are
the only school to provide HIFU as a service, Virginia Tech also has a grant that
is supporting research in focused ultrasound technology for veterinary cancer patients.”

Others working on this project at OSU include Drs. …

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