For Olympic Athlete the Goal is Dual Degrees

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The day before he ran the 2018 Hartford Half Marathon, Donn Cabral attended a seminar called “A Lawyer’s Primer on Blockchain.” After he won the race, he headed home to tackle a take-home exam for a course called “Motivating Individuals and Teams.”
Life is like that when you’re simultaneously pursuing a law degree, a master’s of business administration degree, and a spot in your third Olympics. Fortunately, running competitively has taught Cabral to thrive on stress.
“When some of the best moments of your life are preceded by weeks and months of anxiety, you start associating that anxiety with good outcomes,” he says. “I’ve learned to love being nervous.”
Cabral enrolled at UConn in 2017 as a dual-degree candidate in the School of Law and School of Business. UConn offers both degrees in four years, instead of the five years it would take to obtain them separately. Cabral is planning to complete them in three and a half years to leave himself time to train for the Olympic trials.
“His dual degree is another testament to how hard Donnie is willing to push himself,” says Ryan Baldassario, administrator of UConn’s full-time master’s of business administration program and Cabral’s adviser.
After spending his first year taking courses at the UConn Law campus, Cabral is spending most of his second year at the UConn Hartford Campus downtown taking his business courses. In between, he had a summer internship with the Office of the Connecticut Attorney General.
Running has been a constant in Cabral’s life since he joined the track team in high school in his hometown of Glastonbury, Connecticut. After winning several titles at Glastonbury High School, he enrolled at Princeton, where he was an All-American runner in several events. In 2012, he was the NCAA steeplechase champion.
Immediately after graduating with a bachelor’s in economics, …

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