Fordham’s London Centre: A Behind-the-Scenes Preview

Fordham Newsroom

Renderings by Maris LLC, Construction photos courtesy Peter DunbarWith the last stage of renovations set to be completed in July for Fordham’s London Centre in the city’s Clerkenwell section, project manager Peter Dunbar gave Fordham News the lowdown on the new space and its lively neighborhood. 
Peter Dunbar
Offering study-abroad opportunities in liberal arts, business, and theater, Fordham’s London Centre had operated out of Heythrop College in the Kensington neighborhood for several years before outgrowing the space. The new 17,000-square-foot space will be central to the University’s commitment to global education.
Dunbar is overseeing the renovations, as well as the interiors by the design firm Maris LLC. His firm, Dunbar Associates, has been managing construction projects for universities, investment banks, and hotels throughout London since 1973. 
The center’s six floors will house arts and sciences, theater, and business courses up to the graduate level. The ground floor will consist of a shared student space with a learning center and a small library. The first floor of the new building will be devoted to the London Academy of Dramatic Arts—long a cornerstone of the London Centre—with two large performance spaces. The remaining floors will hold seven classrooms, a conference room, faculty offices, and group study rooms. The entire ensemble will be topped with a roof terrace overlooking the lively neighborhood.

What distinguishes the Clerkenwell neighborhood?
The rooftop terrace
Clerkenwell Road, where the center is located, is a cosmopolitan mix of industrial and residential buildings. There are graphics and high tech companies, showrooms, and a publishing house. It’s really in the heart of the action, but equally it’s on the fringe of the central business district, so there’s a lot of development going on around there. When we got the zoning changed so that we could use the building for educational purposes, there …

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