Former College President Jan Cervelli files civil suit against Saint Mary’s

The ObserverThe Observer Top Stories Former College President Jan Cervelli filed a civil lawsuit against Saint Mary’s on Tuesday, alleging members of the Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees pressured her to resign and did not honor their settlement agreement with her.According to the complaint filed in the St. Joseph County Superior Court, Cervelli is suing the College on counts of breach of contract, declaration of rights and injunction, violation of Indiana’s Wage Payment Statute and breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing. Cervelli is requesting compensation for damages resulting from the College’s breach of contract and a declaration of her rights pursuant to her contracts, the complaint said.The complaint details the events leading to Cervelli’s resignation and asserts Saint Mary’s has not honored the terms of her employment agreement. The suit also revealed Cervelli and Saint Mary’s entered into a settlement agreement at the time of her resignation.Jan Cervelli, pictured, resigned as Saint Mary’s President on Oct. 5. Tuesday, Cervelli filed a lawsuit against the College claiming she was pressured to resign and the Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees did not honor its settlement agreement with her.The lawsuit claims that Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees chair Mary Burke pressured Cervelli to resign and that the College has not honored its settlement agreement, which stated Cervelli would receive status as a tenured professor and adequate pay and benefits in lieu of her resignation, with the possibility of a buy-out of her position.The Board of Trustees said in a statement Thursday that the Board has fulfilled its end of the settlement agreement with Cervelli.“The Saint Mary’s Board of Trustees is aware of, but not surprised by, the complaint that has been filed by former president Janice Cervelli,” Burke said in the statement. “We obviously disagree with the allegations raised …

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