Former Student Earns “Huge” Scholarship

Lone Star College Tomball News

Published on: January 16, 2007 Eighty-eight is a special number for college freshman Alex Trygstad.
It was the 88 keys of the piano that first introduced him to music, training as a young child under his mothers instruction. He later began studying the violin a move that has recently help translate into an $88,000 scholarship to Baylor University.
This year Trygstad was awarded a musical scholarship in the amount of $10,000 a year for four years, and then an additional annual $12,000 academic scholarship for four years, as well, says Lone Star CollegeTomball Music Coordinator Dr. Cheryl Bates.
This is a staggering amount and is considered a huge award which is fabulous for Alex as he has great potential, says Bates, who describes him as an exceptional talent with a very strong work ethic. These are the two main ingredients for musical and academic success. As a violinist, Alex excels at performance and as a student Alex excels in academics.
Last year Alex auditioned for five universities and was offered large scholarships from all, but the best offer came from Baylor University.
The scholarship he received is not all about music, though, as a little more than half of the scholarship was awarded to Alex based on his academic ability. And its probably fitting since his first real school was college Lone Star CollegeTomball, in fact.
I was home schooled and when I got to the level of senior in high school I decided to take some dual credit courses at Lone Star CollegeTomball, says Alex. You would think that it would be a shock to go straight to college from home schooling, but Lone Star CollegeTomball was really welcoming. The classes were small and the instructors were really interested in each student individually. It really felt like a home school experience in many ways.
Among his first courses at Lone Star CollegeTomball were music theory, …

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