Free college tuition: the pros and cons

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How students feel about a proposed free college system

Perhaps the one thing unifying all college students is tuition. It affects all students one way or another. Some receive scholarships to help alleviate the pressure of tuition costs, but most students find themselves taking out loans or emptying bank accounts to pay the hefty price tag that comes with college. The idea of making college tuition free has seen its fair share of traction, but is it really a solution or would more problems emerge? Students across campus weighed in on this illustrious topic.

Noah Dickman, a third-year political science and economics double major, spoke about the pros that would accompany a free college system.

“One positive would be that college would be more accessible to more students,” Dickman said. “You’d have a more skilled workforce as a result.”

Dickman noted that private universities would be put on the hot seat, since more students would flock to public universities if tuition was free. Dickman believes the economic ramifications of free tuition would need to be investigated more to find a possible compromise.

The value of the college degree was also discussed as being caught in the crossfire of a free tuition system.

“I think, for undergraduate students, what [free tuition] would do is make a bachelor’s degree essentially the equivalent of a high school diploma,” Dickman said. “That would mean people would have to get a master’s degree, which, unless that is made free as well, it would really only be accessible to the upper class.”

Dickman also said that admitting international students may become more prevalent if tuition was free because public universities would still need to find a way to make money.

“The UC system accepts a lot of international students because they’re able to charge nearly twice as much,” Dickman said. “If tuition …

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