Free crisis response and CPR training

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Students at Oklahoma State University have the opportunity to receive free professional instruction on how to respond to an unconscious, semi-conscious or unresponsive individual and how to prevent injuries or death related to drug and alcohol overdose.
Pamela Stokes, a registered nurse and nurse manager for OSU University Health Services, can focus the discussion topic to the needs of student groups that request the training and adjust the presentation time from 10 minutes to an hour.
“I try to expel the myths of dealing with intoxication such as drinking coffee, eating bread and taking a cold shower,” Stokes said. “Scientifically, these false methods do not work.” 
While instructing students how to respond to intoxication, Stokes reinforces the Good Samaritan principle and leads a question and answer session to conclude the meeting. In addition to her lecture, students can sign up for a free American Heart Association’s Adult Heartsaver CPR class, which is offered at a later date.
Chief Wellness Officer Dr. Todd Misener and Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Lee Bird worked together to award Stokes the funding for this program from The Merrick Foundation’s Moving the Needle fund. Its purpose is to support health promotion efforts on campus.
“Pam is an outstanding administrator for OSU University Health Services,” Bird said. “She was involved in a brainstorming session to address student incapacitation due to abuse of drugs or alcohol use. Empowering and educating students about how to help in a crisis is greatly needed.”
Since the beginning of the 2017 spring semester, 523 individuals have participated in this program and 31 have been certified in CPR while 40 are enrolled in the next class. She has trained Greek life house moms, national panhellenic sorority chapters, residential life, sports teams and more.
To schedule or learn more about this program, contact Stokes at pstokes@okstate.eduor or call OSU University Health Services at 405 …

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