Gallup Study Shows WGU Grads Have Higher Career Satisfaction, Quality of Life

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News Brief – 3/27/17
KENT — For the third year in a row, a Gallup report reveals Western Governors University (WGU) graduates experience higher levels of satisfaction and overall well-being than alumni from other institutions of higher education. Gallup’s research found men and women who earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from WGU are more likely to work in the careers and jobs they want, feel engaged in the workplace, and experience stronger connections to their alma mater.

According to the study:
The employment rate for WGU alumni who have graduated within the last five years — 81 percent — outdistances the national average of 74 percent.
WGU graduates are more likely to be engaged employees — 15 percent higher than the national average.
WGU graduates said their experience was worth the cost — 73 percent compared to 38 percent.
WGU alumni are nearly twice as likely as graduates of other institutions to be thriving in all five elements of well-being — purpose, social, financial, community, and physical.
WGU alumni are almost twice as likely to be emotionally attached to their university than alumni from universities — demonstrating that personal connections are possible in distance learning.

“WGU grads are twice as likely as other college graduates to say they had a mentor who encouraged their goals and dreams,” said Brandon Busteed, Gallup’s Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development. “Given that Gallup has found this to be the single strongest element linked to long-term success in career and life, it’s a hugely positive outcome. It’s not about simply having an advisor who provides course selection tips. WGU grads are being inspired and encouraged around their life goals and dreams.”

2,700 WGU graduates nationwide were included in the study, which compared their responses to national data included in the Gallup-Purdue Index. That index monitors the success of degree holders post-graduation and provides insight into the relationship between the university experience, life quality and …

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