George Bush Library helps remember 9/11

The Battalion – news
A memorial honoring those who died on 9/11 will be in place at the George Bush Presidential Library until Sept. 29.
The display, called “Responding to Sept. 11,” includes items like a World Trade Tower beam, the bullhorn President George W. Bush used at Ground Zero and notes from his impromptu speech.
Jac Morse, a worker at the George Bush Library, said people have come from not only around Bryan-College Station, but also from all over the world to the museum to see the 9/11 display.
“People come from all over, people from around town, but also out of state, we saw a couple from Canada, we have a group in from Ireland today and other states like California,” Morse said.
The museum also owns a piece of a steel beam from the original World Trade Center, which they keep at the memorial for guests to see every year at this time, Morse said.
“It is actually a part of the original tower, which belongs to the museum and they bring it out every year at 9/11,” Morse said.
Joe Coughran, a worker at the museum and a retired Air Force colonel, said it is important for people to see the exhibit because many younger people are unaware of the significance of 9/11.
“The most important reason to come to the memorial is to learn about it, a lot of kids at school don’t have the foggiest idea what 9/11 is,” Coughran said.

Many people don’t really know what 9/11 is and the most important reason for anyone to come to the exhibit is for everyone to learn about the event, Coughran said.
“To me it is something like Pearl Harbor, which was before my time, but I still relate to it because I have been there and I’ve see the vigil and realize the sacrifice made at Pearl Harbor versus the sacrifice made at 9/11,” …

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