Getting married young, a lifelong journey

News EARLY START – Many little girls dream of getting married at some point. Should it matter whether that is at 21 years old or 59 years old? 

Some people might say getting married young is a bad idea.

“Oh, you’re not ready yet!” or “You’ve barely even lived, how can you even know you want to spend the rest of your life with this person?” are two things I hear whenever someone finds out I am getting married at age 21.

When I asked students in some of my classes about what age they thought was a good age to get married, 23 out of 30 students said the best age to get married would be around 24 or 25.

“I just think people need to get out there and live before they decide to settle down,” said junior Lydia Triplett. “For me, I want to know how to live on my own before I decide to take that step in case something does happen later on down the road, and I find myself alone.”

However, there are many perks to getting married at a younger age instead of waiting until you have a successful career. You learn the hard lessons of life with someone. You don’t really get to waste a lot of money because you probably aren’t starting out with much. You also get to share important milestones together such as buying your first car or building your first house together. Even the National Marriage Project’s 2013 report showed that the most satisfied 20-something year olds are married. There has to be something to young marriage then, right?

According to an article on, one woman believes getting married young was the best thing to happen to her.

“When you are young, you are not so much set in your ways,” said Mary Sauer, author of the article. “It is easier to …

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