Getting to Know Georgia Tech: Surya Narayanan

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Getting to Know Georgia Tech: Surya Narayanan

Julia Faherty | November 6, 2018
• Atlanta, GA

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With over 15,000 undergraduate students, six colleges, and more than 30 majors, the Georgia Tech community is a large and unique group.

Meet Surya Narayanan – B.S. International Affairs and Modern Languages (Chinese), East Asian Studies Minor, Class of 2019

Hometown – Duluth, Georgia

Why did you choose to come to Tech?

The biggest reason is the city of Atlanta. It is a growing global city with numerous opportunities, both for professional development and personal discovery. I knew I would have a good college experience with Atlanta’s thriving arts and food scenes, but just as importantly, I knew Atlanta’s increasing importance as a global hub would be relevant to my professional goals. Georgia Tech is also the best STEM school in the Southeast, and I knew that even while studying a social science like international affairs, I would have the chance to develop my technical skills further, including in fields such as computer science.

What is your favorite aspect of Atlanta?

The food scene — you can get food from just about any part of the world somewhere in Atlanta.

What do you enjoy about your major?

I chose my major largely for the opportunity to travel around the world, but also because I’ve always felt driven toward public service, debate, and the idea that I could somehow contribute to change in the world. I see East Asia as one of the most important regions of the world in today’s geopolitical climate, so I wanted to keep it as my regional focus while also extending my studies to South and Southeast Asia.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to either attend graduate school or join the U.S. Foreign Service. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the …

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