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SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For the seventh straight semester, Sacramento State student-athletes achieved a department overall grade point average above a 3.000 during the fall. In addition, Hornet student-athletes have posted a term grade point average better than a 3.000 five consecutive semesters.

All 21 intercollegiate teams on campus currently have better than a 2.850 overall GPA, and 15 of those programs have better than a 3.0 mark. In fact, over 95 percent of Sacramento State’s student-athletes are in “good standing” based on academic campus policy.

Also, the 422 student-athletes posted a fall term grade point average of 3.012, registering a GPA above 3.0 for a school-record fifth straight semester. The department saw better than 55 percent of its student-athletes achieve at least a 3.0 term grade point average.

As a whole, Sacramento State student-athletes outperformed the general student body in both term and overall GPA.

“Our student-athletes continue to achieve amazing results in the classroom,” Student-Athlete Resource Center Director Paul Edwards said. “Given their time commitment to athletics and the amount of distractions they face while being student-athletes, their academic success is truly something we should all be proud of as coaches, staff, faculty and students.”

Currently, the highest overall grade point average in the department is held by women’s tennis (3.685), followed by women’s golf (3.521), men’s tennis (3.416), gymnastics (3.405), women’s soccer (3.333), men’s cross country (3.327), women’s cross country (3.284), men’s track and field (3.183), women’s track and field (3.168), rowing (3.143), baseball (3.077), men’s soccer (3.072), women’s basketball (3.037), men’s golf (3.029) and volleyball (3.012).


• 19 student-athletes achieved a 4.000 GPA during the fall semester.
• 55.2 percent of all fall 2017 student-athletes were above a 3.000 term GPA.
• 95.3 percent of fall 2017 student-athletes achieved “Good Standing” for their academic scholastic standard.
• 13 programs (plus 5th year scholarship recipients) had a 3.000 or higher term GPA.
• 15 programs (plus 5th year scholarship recipients) had a 3.000 or higher overall GPA.
• 5 programs achieved a 3.370 or higher term GPA (these teams essentially had the equivalent of a B+ or higher team GPA).

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