How To Dress Appropriately For An Interview

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It’s tough to know what to wear on a job interview, especially since each company may have a unique dress code. During the interview stage, consider the industry’s standard expectations and dress well enough to make a good impression. After you’re hired, meet your employer’s specific code of attire.Know The IndustryIf you’re applying for a more conservative job, dress accordingly. If you have a Business degree, Accounting degree, or Sales degree, chances are you’ll fit right in with a suit. Generally, you should dress one or two levels higher than what your job requires. If you have a Professional Nursing degree, for example, you’re not going to wear scrubs to an interview even though that’s what you’ll likely be wearing every day on the job. It’s okay to ask your interviewer beforehand about the company’s dress policy. They can give you an idea of what’s appropriate. Use Your Best JudgementYou want to be memorable during job interviews, but not for your bad taste. Don’t let your clothes speak for themselves. It’s okay to show some of your fashion sense in subtle ways like tasteful accessories, otherwise think twice about being too liberal with your attire. Wearing a brighter color – like blue or red – can make you stand out for the right reasons as long as you pair them with neutral colors. For instance, a red collared shirt underneath a black jacket is more interesting than a white shirt.  Keep It NeatEven if you wear a professional outfit, the rest of your appearance could ruin your first impression. Keep your nails clean cut in case you have to present them for a handshake and make sure your hair looks neat. Women should avoid anything other than neutral makeup and nail polish. Don’t use heavy amounts of perfume or cologne, as strong scents could bother your interviewer and distract …

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