How To House: Tips for first-years looking for off-campus housing

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People who have lived off-campus share their experiences and tips

Winter Quarter comes with constant questions about housing options, specifically for first-year students and those looking to live off-campus for the first time. There are a number of options, including houses, townhouses, apartments and second-year housing through UC Davis.

First-year students filled the ARC Pavilion on Jan. 24 at the ASUCD Housing Day and flipped through the “Davis Housing” magazine put in the mailbox of every on-campus resident. For current first-year students, top priorities vary greatly: for some, it’s whether or not Wi-Fi is provided with the rent; for others, it’s the people they want to live with. Sometimes, it’s proximity to campus or Unitrans bus stops, but for many, price is the deciding factor. “Davis Housing” even lists apartments by lease term, how many minutes from campus, internet availability, size and location.

“For me, the number one priority was to be as close to campus as possible and to be in a place where I’m around other students of UC Davis,” said first-year computer engineering major Prajwal Singh after Housing Day. “The other thing was: was it furnished or not, because I don’t want to pay extra for furnishing.”

Third-year psychology major Breanna Rodriguez is a Resident Advisor (RA) this year, but unlike other RAs on campus, she lived off-campus her second year, which she often discusses with her residents.

“I’ve been trying to be as vocal as possible with it, which may seem annoying if I’m pushing it too much,” Rodriguez said. “But yeah, I feel like it’s something that not a lot of people can get from their RAs, because a lot of RAs have been RAs or living in the dorms their entire time. I’ve just been trying to like, be as helpful as possible with my experience.”

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