How to REALLY Write the Perfect Cover Letter: All Your Questions Answered

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What’s the deal with cover letters anyway? Are they just a formality or do hiring managers actually read them? Does anyone really care what’s in them?These are just a few of the many questions being asked by up-and-coming professionals like you—and the answers are important to know! Before we get started … When faced with writing your first few cover letters, you will probably Google a “how to” question for tips. (Maybe you found this article that way!) Searching the Internet for answers is a great use of your digital resources. But keep in mind that because there is such a wealth of knowledge online, many of the tips may seem repetitive. You have two options here. You could create a cover letter that blends right in with a big robot army of perfectly identical, boring cover letters. Or you could to get a little creative. It’s important to have the basics but it’s also important to stand out. That being said, this article will provide you with some great fundamentals, along with some unique ideas to boost your cover letter creativity. We enlisted a handful of human resources (HR) professionals and career experts to find out what really makes a great cover letter. Here’s what they had to say: Q: What makes a good cover letter? A: Keep it short and sweet. HR pros across the board agreed that this is a must for cover letters. Put yourself in their shoes: Would you want to read three pages of blah, blah, blah about an applicant? Or would you prefer a short, condensed couple of paragraphs that quickly explain why that person is great for the job? Research the company so you can highlight your knowledge about the organization throughout the letter. But otherwise, keep things concise. “The best thing to include is specific …

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