ICE answers Rep. Mark Pocan’s FOIA request after more than four months

News – The Badger Herald

After 138 days, Immigration and Customs Enforcement responded to Rep. Mark Pocan’s, D-Madison, Freedom of Information Act request regarding their September raid in Wisconsin with a spreadsheet and a 411-page document.After the Dane County raid in late September, Pocan met with ICE officials to ask about their contact with local law enforcement. Twenty individuals from Dane County were arrested.
ICE responded with a spreadsheet and 411 pages, with some exemptions. This documentation found that at least 39 of the detainees had no documented criminal history and emails from ICE showed that the agency failed to inform Madison and Dane County law enforcement of the operation prior to the beginning of the raids, according to a press release from Pocan’s office.
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Pocan requested documentation from ICE concerning the contact they had with local law enforcement which uncovered weeks of coordination with county law enforcement of at least nine counties, but none with Dane County.
On two occasions in the documents released, officials referred to Dane County area’s population as “radical.” These were found on pages 358 and 376.
Pocan also requested a list of criminal offenses committed by the 83 individuals arrested across Wisconsin. ICE’s response was incomplete, the press release said. 
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