‘ImmunoX’ Initiative a Radical Collaboration Across UCSF

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UC San Francisco is launching the Bakar ImmunoX Initiative, an innovative research program that will promote collaborative, cutting-edge research and data sharing to catalyze discoveries about the central role of the immune system in human health and harness its power to treat a wide range of diseases.

Boosted by a significant new gift from the Gerson Bakar Foundation, ImmunoX aims to break down the barriers that traditionally separate immunology research by disease area, and instead organize the UCSF immunology community around a set of collaborative “CoProjects” that will tackle fundamental questions in the field.

Matthew “Max” Krummel, PhD, is a UCSF professor of pathology and one of the leaders in developing ImmunoX. Photo by Maurice RamirezThese CoProjects will be conducted within the UCSF CoLabs (previously referred to as Central Research Laboratories), an integrated research platform currently in development. The CoLabs are a pillar of the University’s reimagining of its original campus at Parnassus Heights as a next-generation hub for research, education and patient care. The CoLabs will provide scientists across the University with access to a shared ecosystem of state-of-the-art research facilities for processing clinical tissue samples; performing single-cell genomic, proteomic, and imaging experiments; and analyzing and curating the resulting data.

Using the UCSF CoLabs platform, ImmunoX will enable UCSF clinician-scientists, laboratory scientists, and data scientists to analyze the role of the immune system in diseases from cancer, where immunotherapies have already proven effective, to chronic viral infections or immune-mediated neurodegeneration. The resulting findings will also be made available to the broader UCSF community through a structured data library, enabling this unique and valuable data to be continuously mined by researchers and students with different questions and perspectives.

ImmunoX is envisioned as an anchor program for the revitalized Parnassus Heights campus, building upon the strengths of UCSF’s Immunology Program, which is ranked first in the nation by US …

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